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Monthly Home Maintenance Membership




Join the fastest growing home improvement group and make sure your home is taken care of!



-Member Only Discounts-


Becoming a member will give you access to our member only discounts. These discounts are our way of saying thank you for being a loyal client of ours! These will be exclusively for anyone that signs up for our membership and will include discounts and promotions ranging from 10%, 15%, 25%, and even 50% off select services!



-Small Repairs-


We understand that accidents in our lives happen all the time. Instead of letting go of something that needs repaired in your house because you don't have the "time" or the "money" to repair it, let us fix the "Uh-Ohs" in your home! This is included in your membership.




-Lawn Care & Mulch Replacement-


Ah yes. Mowing the lawn and changing the mulch. Some days in the summer it will come a time where that grass just grows and that mulch needs replaced! Why spend your summer mowing and shoveling mulch when you can have us come over and take care of that for you! Your membership will include mowing and much replacement 2 times a month with cleanup!



-Gutter Cleaning-


No one likes to get out and clean their gutters. Well we do! We will come to your home, as needed, up to 2 times a month and clean your gutters. Birds nests, leaf build-up, small sticks and debree clogs; we can get it done for you!

-Residential Snow Shoveling-


When mother nature brings down the harsh snow storms, we've got you covered. Your membership includes driveway snow removal 2 times a month. This would best be used when you get a lot of snow and would rather stay indoors sipping on some hot cocoa!

-Start Your Membership NOW!-


We created our Home Maintenance Membership in order to make sure your home is in good hands.


No contracts. Month to month billing. Safe and secure transactions.

Fill out this form and we'll contact you as soon as this service is ready!


(Home Maintenance Membership should be ready by October 2015)

Your details were sent successfully! We will contact you to let you know that our membership is ready! Thank you.

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