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4 Ideas To Save On Your Energy Bills

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

We all hate bills. You probably will get your mail out of your mailbox today and see a few advertisements and BILLS! With today's economy, we all try to crunch some numbers and keep as much money in our pockets as we can. If you have a home that has been around for quite some time, you might want to check out some of these money saving ideas! Today's technology has given us many new options to control what we use in our homes.

1) Upgrade your home to a Smart Home:

(Kit shown is the Iris Smart Kit found at Lowes)

SMART HOME KITS: We all are guilty of leaving lights on, or the heat on, or other electronic equipment on while we are away from home. These smart home kits give you the access on the go you need to control the equipment in your home. You can turn the lights off while at work, lower the heat or A/C while you're away from home to lower your energy costs, and much more!

2) Light Bulbs:

INCANDESCENT VS LED: Changing your old light bulbs to CFL's or LED bulbs can help lower your energy costs each month. The newer types of bulbs last longer and require less energy use and come in many different varieties to choose from. LED bulbs may cost more up front to buy than your typical incandescent bulbs, but in the long run you save more money on energy costs and having to replace them often.

3) Windows and Doors

DRAFTY WINDOWS AND DOORS: Make sure to know what type of windows you have and the difference between them. Check all entrances for drafts and apply a solution to fix any unwanted airflow. This can be fixed by replacing your windows with the proper type, use door draft guards, and many other DIY fixes.

4) Electronics

ELECTRONICS THAT STAY PLUGGED IN: Oh how we love to keep our electronics plugged in. This is the silent destroyer to your electric bill. A lot of the newer models of electronics that are out in the market today are more energy efficient than those out-dated older models we have sitting around the house. You can save money by using Green Surge Protectors. They have ports that can be switched off for devices that do not require to be on all the time such as monitors, speakers, gaming consoles. They also have ports that you can plug in devices that need to be on.

By paying attention to what we use on a monthly basis, we can come up with a plan to lower our bills, save money, and use less energy without sacraficing our comfort in our homes. Check out our blog periodically for more great ideas for your home!

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