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Buy new vs. Repurpose

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

Hmmm.... What to do with this old furniture and other items in your home? Depending on how much time and creativity you might have, you might enjoy the awesome idea of repurposing your older stuff around the house!

If you are like us, growing up involved lots of yard sales, garage sales, and swap meets. Between these awesome events and the stuff you have around the house, you can revive your old stuff (sometimes with just a good cleaning and a little paint) and bring your home back to life!

Some of the sources of repurpose ideas and designs come from Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. One person will repaint some old chair, and post pictures online. Their friends will like that photo and then get inspired to create something on their own. Next thing you know it, you have a repurpose war and you're spending long hours up at night turning your used wine bottles into chandeliers! ( Yes. I've seen it happen. Heather ;-) )

So here are some of our favorite ideas:

1) Awesome Ladder Book Shelf (From )

2) Wooden Pallet Repurpose Ideas (From )

3)Re-Use Empty Containers (From Pinterest )

4) Old WIndows Repurposed as Family Photo Frames

(From Pinterest and )

5) Wine Bottle Repurpose Start Drinking! (From )

No matter whether you choose to buy new or repurpose, go with what you will enjoy in your home. Buying new is always a good feeling. Sometimes repurposing older stuff that has character will give your home that unique and comfortable feel to who ever stops by to say hi!

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