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Operation Renovation LLC coming to Barberton, Ohio!

If you are one of the millions of home owners in America that watch remodeling TV shows like Fix and Flip, or any of the many other ones out there, then you'll enjoy what Operation Renovation LLC is doing!

There is a certain property in Barberton, Ohio that will be remodeled by Operation Renovation LLC and their creative and humorous crew of contractors. Negotiations are in progress of hiring a film crew to record, edit, and post their first Fix and Flip video to their YouTube channel. This video will be packed full of bloopers, DIY videos, and the progress of this remodeling project.

Joe from Operation Renovation LLC had this to say about the upcoming event, "This will be our first property to fix and flip. We plan on having fun with it and opening the process to the public in order to promote Operation Renovation LLC and the great things we are doing to change how home owners perceive the remodeling industry, contractors, and the standards/ethics in the past. Stay tuned and check back regularly.".

This is to be the starting point to a long road of purchasing properties and remodeling them for Operation Renovation LLC.

Make sure to check on updates from this story and to see when the open house events will occur to take a sneak peek of this remodeling project!


Operation Renovation LLC is a local veteran owned remodeling company. They provide many services inside and outside of a home to include (but not limited to) tile installation, laminate flooring installation, drywall, carpentry, countertop resurfacing, custom projects, repurposing, painting, handyman services, junk removal, and much more. They are a fast pace growing company that has a solid vision and equally strong focus to match.

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